Best Bench Vise - What you need to know

Bench vises are pretty cheap, but the price does reflect the quality of the tool you get. To get the best bench vise for your personal needs there are quite a few things that you need to be aware of. You need to think about how much money you have to spend (your budget). and what is your use case - for example, do you work mostly with wood, or mostly with metal. There's a ton of good bench vises on the market but only some of them offer the best value for money. We will take a closer look at these best bench vises below.


This is the best bench vise on this list in our opinion. That's because it offers great quality at a price that is not too bad at all. The price is actually at the lower end of the scale as far as bench vises go. In spite of the fact that the price of this vise is very reasonable, they haven't skimped on producing a quality tool here. The construction of this tekton bench vise is cast iron - very tough material. The jaws on this bench vise are constructed from serrated steel, which is perfect for gripping your work piece without slippage. They are also removable so they can be easily replaced later. Overall this bench vise is perfect for amateurs and professionals alike.

2) 5 INCH IRWIN Bench Vise

This 5 inch irwin bench vise is another good choice for hobbyist and pro's alike. It is however priced above some of the other options so you need to keep that in mind. IF your only concern is to buy a high quality bench vise then this is a top option for you. This vise from IRWIN has special rotating pipe jaws to make opening and closing the jaws very smooth and simple. The base of this bench vise can easily rotate 360 degrees around, to get to any position that you need to work in. As for the construction of this vise, to put it simply it's very good. The vise is built from high PSI steel making it very durable. Overall this is definitely one of the best bench vises around but it's not cheap at all.